• BTS Announced To Release Their New Single In August

    JUL 28, 2020 IST

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    By Harish Panwar

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    Bighit made a announcement for The BTS new comeback single expected to Release on August 21.

    The Biggest Boy Band of the World make a announcement 2 days ago on 26/07/2020 that there new single will come out on August. As this year armies can't see their beloved BTS live so this news is really one of few good things for the armies sitting in their homes due to COIVID 19. This news also proves one more thing that virus can't stop BTS from their work and they are working hard to make their army happy day and night.

    BTS didn't even give a hint to the army and only revel an intriguing countdown that features seven dates including August 21 which is when the new single drops. Each of the mentioned date is written in seven diffrent colours which may be one of the theories of BTS MV.

    The dates are following

    July 31 (12 am KST)

    August 4 (12 am KST)

    August 5 (12 am KST)

    August 7 (12 am KST)

    August 19 (12 am KST)

    August 21 (1 pm KST

    August 22 (12 am KST)

    Bighit Official Statement

    "Hello. This is Big Hit Entertainment. On August 21, 2020, the new digital single by BTS will be Release on Korean and international music streaming sites. We would like to thank all ARMY for your continued affection for BTS, and we ask for your love and support for the new digital single soon to be unveiled. Please stay tuned for additional details to be announced through Weverse. Release date: August 21 (Friday), 2020 (KST) Thank you."

    Army Theories About New Single

    As, soon as the news came out the army went crazy and start guessing the name and other information of the Single using their own thoeries. Many of the armies believe that each member might have a teaser before the real MV drops and most of them are guessing that the August 22 date may be the release date for the upcoming single. As for what each colour signifies their is news that it signifies diffrent Group members "Red - jhope, blue - RM, Pink - Jin, light green - maybe suga, purple - jungkook, green - taehyung, yellow - jimin. Color of it is according to their mics, maybe a teaser for each member."

    So, All armies set your clock for the new BTS comeback. This is gonna be a tough job as we have to make it special for them and support them by streaming MV hard.