• Ji Chang Wook Fully Recoveres From Covid-19 And Resume Drama Filming

    7:00 PM Aug 14, 2021 IST

    By art_lover_2307

    Recently ji Chang wook’s fans and all his loved ones were concerned about him as he had been diagnosed with COVID-19 on July 2021. After he was tested positive the drama for which he was shouting was halted filming.

    Fortunately his other co-actors were tested negative. After testing positive Ji Chang Wook had been taking preemptive measures by consistently receiving testing for COVID-19. 

    Recently on August 11 his OSEN reported that he has been fully recovered from COVID-19. As soon as as recovered he resumed shooting for his upcoming Netflix drama “The Sound Of Magic”.

    His upcoming drama “The Sound Of Magic” is expected to show a story about a girl, who becomes an adult too quickly and the mysterious magician, an adult who wishes to be a child forever. This drama is going to be a sentimental drama and will definitely touch the heart of many viewers.

    All fans and loved ones wishes that Ji Chang Wook will stay healthy and continue to show his great acting charm on the screen.

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