• Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won are in talks of new Drama

    JUL 30, 2020 IST

    By Prachi Bisht

    Ji Chang Wook's fans are still enjoying his ongoing drama, Backstreet Rookie, and another good news has come which is connected to him. Ji Chang Wook can soon be seen in a new drama, that is titled as Kakao TV's "City couple's way of love".
    It is his grace or elegance that he cannot keep his loved ones away from him for long.

    Talking about Ji Chang Wook new project, it is yet not confirmed as he is in talk with Kim Ji Won for this project. It will be Jiwonie's comeback like drama. The audience gave her a lot of love for her drama, Fight my way.

    In response to this report, both actor's agency, that is Glorious Entertainment and SALT Entertainment disclosed the news that the script had been discussed with the actors and will reviewing in it.

    About Drama

    The City couple's way of love will be directed by Park Shin Woo, the same PD(Producing Director) of the most romantic yet thriller ongoing drama It's okay to not be okay. Jung Hyun Jung is the screenwriter of the drama who had written I need Romance and Discovery of Love.

    It will be of 12 episodes and each episode will run about the duration of 25 min. It tells the love story that covers the gap of sensitivity between the two cities.
    The filming of the drama may start from October and will release in November of 2020 on Kakao TV network.

    Right now, all the viewers in the country or abroad are very fond of his Ongoing drama, Backstreet Rookie. Earlier, this drama was surrounded by controversy about how such an age gap could occur. But now people are enjoying that drama very much. 12 episodes have already arrived 4 are due.
    Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung's life has seen so much turmoil in these episodes. After Ji Chang Wook's heartbreak, how Kim Yoo Jung handled him, was overwhelming the audiences. The viewers are liking their pair a lot. Now people are giving loads of love to this drama.

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