• K-POP Idols That Are Listed For Military Services in 2020

    JUN 10, 2020 IST

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    By Prachi Bisht

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    8:00 PM May 18, 2020 IST

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    By Prachi Bisht

    On the basis of Constitution of Republic of South Korea , there is compulsory military services required for citizens especiallyfor ges 19 or older . This is also known as Military Conscription which comes under Constitution of Republic of South Korea .
    The Constitution states in Article 39 , “ All citizens shall have the duty of national defense under the conditions as prescribed by Act ” .

    So , stars from K Drama or Idols also enlisted for military services .
    In 2020 , the idols , who will be turning 28 may get enlisted for the military services .

    Here are some idols who got enlisted or will get enlist in military services :

    WINNER’s Kim Jin-woo

    Born in 1991 , Kim Jin-woo is the first member from group Winner enlisted as a military service worker

    WINNER’s Le Seung Hoon

    Born in 1992 , Seung Hoon is the second member to carry out his military services

    BTS's Jin

    Born in 1992 , the Oldest member of BTS , Jin , is expected to start his military services as soon as in 2020

    Block B's U-kwon

    Born in 1992 , Block B’s U-kwon is all set for his military services .

    Block B's Zico

    Born in 1992 , Leader Zico is also prepared himself for military services .

    Block B’s Park Kyung

    Also born in 1992 , another Block B’s member is set for military services with his band members .

    EXO’s Suho

    Born in 1991 , This EXO's singer is set leave to fulfill his military services .

    EXO’s Chanyeol

    Born in 1992 , yet another member from K-pop mega group is ready for his services in military .

    EXO’s Chen

    Born in 1992 , another member from K-pop mega group is set for military services .

    EXO’s Baek-hyun

    Born in 1992 , this will be saddest news for fandom because he is the fourth member from the group to leave for military services .

    MONSTA X’s Shownu

    Born in 1992 , as the eldest member , Shownu will be the first from the group to undergo mandatory military enlistment .

    PENTAGON’s Jinho

    Born in 1992 , the eldest member of the 9 – piece ensemble is all set for military with his petite physique .


    Born in 1992 , the K-pop idol turn actor is set to serve in the military .

    KARD’s J.seph

    Born in 1992 , J.seph (Kim Taehyung) will be the one and only member from the co-ed K-pop group to enlist in the military .


    Born in 1990 , the former BIGBANG member , Seungiri is enlisted in military services .

    VIXX’s Ken

    Born in 1992 , Ken will be enlisting this summer in military services

    Hope you will like this article . Some of the news related to K-Idols serving millitary this year are confirmed , whereas some of them is yet to be comfirm .