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    Park Shin-hye Team Up With Yoo-Ah-in To Survive In The Upcoming Action/Thriller Movie

    7:00 PM JUN 11, 2020 IST

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    By Harish Panwar

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    Park Shi-hye the queen of the K-Drama is back with a new thriller movie title as #Alive along with actor Yoo Ahn-inwho is makin a comeback to big screen after 2 years. The movie stats is creating a really high hype among the audience.


    The story revolves around Yoo Bin (Park Shi-hye) and Joon wo (Yoo Ahn-in) who are neighbours living in the same department. Joon wo is a youtuber and Tech loving guy who is also quite friends and get along easily with anyone while Yoo Bin is a very private person. She is very protective and preffered to live alone.

    The life of these two are going well until one disease get spread among the people which turns people into zombies. They are among the few people who are not infected by it yet and team up together to survive until the last.

    As for the # in title it's a really important thing which shows connectivity as whenever there is internet connection available Joon Wo get online and make a communication to outside world to know the situation

    Check out the trailer of "#Alive"

    More about #ALIVE

    Genres: Action | Drama | Horror | Thriller

    Runtime: 1hr 38min

    Releasing on: 24 June, 2020 (South Korea)

    Director: Choi Il-hyung

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    " At last I will say, Chingus!! mark your calenders to watch a full action pack, thriller and horrer movie #Alive. We will update you as soon as the the movie came out on Interner so please follow us on Facebook and Instagram. "