• PACHINKO: Korean Drama King Lee Min Ho New Drama

    "A chronicle of four generations of a Korean immigrant family"

    5:00 PM May 9, 2021 IST

    By Joyfullynumb

    A new show starring our beloved King Lee Min-ho has almost completed its filming and we are all excited about this upcoming drama. This drama is the television adoption of one of the most famous novels Pachinko, the beloved epic historical novel by Min Jin Lee. The novel was praised for its depiction of institutional racism, prejudice, and gripping intimacy under a distinct Asian lens.

    Drama Story

    Pachinko details the journey of a Korean family who move to Japan in a period of the country’s occupation of a then-unified Korea and their involvement in World War II. The story begins in 1883, but the bulk of the novel’s story takes place between 1910 to 1989.

    The main appeal of Pachinko is Lee’s effortless weaving of individual characters within this timeline. Its main protagonist is Sunja, whose journey to Japan amid poverty reveals a deep- rooted undercurrent of intolerance towards Koreans in the country. Her story entwines with the life of Hansu, a mysterious Korean merchant born into a rich Japanese family, along with a host of characters that are both Korean and Japanese.

    Casting and Roles

    Lee Min-ho will be seen essaying the role of Hansu, an enigmatic outsider and merchant who has ties to organized crime and embarks on an illicit romance that has far-reaching consequences.

    Teenage Sunja will be played by Kim Min-ha, a heroic young woman who forges her path in a country that is not her own.

    Jin Ha will be playing the role of Solomon, an ambitious and charming young man who be forced to reckon with his family's past.

    Anna Sawai will be playing the role of a savvy career woman in the male-dominated world of high finance.

    Soji Arai, who will star as Mosazu, a father who is a successful businessman but worries about his son's future.

    Kaho Minami will portray the role of Etsuko, a vibrant woman who longs to be reunited with her estranged daughter.

    Directors and Screenwriters

    Soo Hugh would act as showrunner, writer, and executive producer for the series with Min Jin Lee. The drama is on the list of most awaited dramas of 2021 and we all are eagerly waiting. The teaser and the release date are yet to be declared. Can't wait!!

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