• Lee Min Ho Donates 350 Million Won to COVID-19 funds to help children

    4:00 PM May 11, 2020 IST

    By Harish Panwar

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    As we all know the world is in great danger due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many peoples all around the world had lost there life and almost everyone in the world is being effected by it. South Korea is not an exception, the cases are rising very fast and there is no sign for them to slow down soon. Many celebrities in South Korea have supported the people in need by making numerous donations to fight against the virus outbreak. One of the name that stands out in the huge list is our lovely korean hallyu star"Lee Min Ho".

    "Lee Min HO" Donates 350 Million Won ($286,145). He donates the money to eight diffrent organisations. The Donated money will help the children with families living in poverty or orphans who needs medical facilities and precautionary help. The organisations that recieves the donations are Good Neighbors, Save the Children, Fruit of Love, Love Bridge, Green Umbrella, and three other associations which are related to children's welfare.

    other popular korean celebrities than donated to the Covid funds

    One of the most famous and well known KPOP idol and Korean Drama actress IU donated 100 Million Won which is approximately equals to $81,756 to the COVID-19 funds and not only that she also donated 3,000 anti-contamination suits to the Korean Medical Association to keep the corona virus fighters safe from the virus.

    If you ever listen the word then you must the world largest biggest band know as BTS which is a KPOP Band. One of the member of The BTS name Suga (stage name) who is a rapper donates 100 Million Won which is approximately equals to $81,756. He donated the money to help his hometown city known as Daegu to fight and recover from this virus outbreak

    One of the most famous hallyu star and well known korean actor all around the world song joong ki (Popularly known for his drama Descendents of the sun) donated 100 million Won which is approximately equal to $81,756 in coronavirus pandemic fund.

    The well known korean drama actress Bae Suzy Populary know as Miss A in korean drama world also donated 100 Million Won which is approximately equals to $81,756 to help people to fight and recover from coronavirus.

    🔥🔥Special Message🔥🔥
    " At last I will say there are many good people all around the globe that are donating their wealth to help people suffering due this virus outbreak. So if you can donate something from your side please do it. We will only win this war if we stand together. Stay Home, Stay Safe and if you like this post please do comment and please! please! follow us on Facebook and Instagram. "

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