• Park Bo-Gum Joins Gong Yoo And Bae Suzy For An Upcoming Movie

    Jul 02, 2020 IST

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    By Prachi Bisht

    Ever wondered what a perfect cast is? How important is a good cast to take any film or drama to the heights of the sky?
    A good cast is as important as its script. And yes a perfect cast exists! Which you will get to see in a film of 2021.

    The film titled as Wonderland will direct by Kim Tae Yong, a well-known director of South Korea.

    Talk about the film's talented and well known cast, then the biggest and prominent name among them comes is Gong Yoo who has gained a lot of popularity in the country and abroad from his drama Goblin. The Goblin widely known as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Directed by Lee Eung Bok. He was esteemed for Goblin and 2016's drama Descendants of the Sun.

    Even today, people love Goblin drama as much as they did at the time when it was released. Because of this drama, people gave so much love to Gong Yoo. Now people are expecting the same thing from his new drama.

    This was the only member of this perfect cast, now we go ahead and talk about the next lead.
    She is the most famous, beautiful and enticing actress of South Korea, Bae Suzy. Actress who won millions of hearts whether domestically or internationally is also a part of this film. Although this beautiful actress is busy for shooting of her upcoming films and drama which is scheduled to release this year but very soon she will join this star-studded film.

    Now I am just waiting for this film to be released.


    The story tells about the different stories of different characters. Wonderland depicts the universe in which people meet their loved ones. People meet those whom they love very much but have no longer interaction between them.
    Wonderland is an universe where you can meet your loved ones if your love is genuine and didn’t interact with each other in reality. This universe meets those separated lovers.

    Park Bo Gum’s character would be in Coma and her lady love Bae Suzy wants to interact with him. So she requests him to meet her in Wonderland.
    There will be two more characters, Jung Yu-Mi and Choi Woo Shik, who will plays the mediator who controls the events that take place between reality and Wonderland.