• IU is pairing up with Park Seo Joon for a new movie

    8:00 PM May 16, 2020 IST

    By Prachi Bisht

    Park Seo Joon who rules over the audience with his acting in “What’s wrong with secretary Kim ?” and becomed the sensation is now pairing up with the one of the most famous Kpop and K-Drama star IU in the movie titled as DREAM . It will be the first commercial movie of hers . Lee Hyun- Woo is also casting in this movie . The audience is curious to see these two friends Park Seo Joon and Lee Hyun Woo to be together in their next .

    Talking about the title DREAM , it itself says about the ambition or aspiration of the protagonist. Who wants to make his/her dream comes true and can do anything to achieve it , no matter what . "Lee Byung Hun" who is one of the well known name in the south korean movie and drama Industry and the one who direct the 2019 movie Extrem job is directing Dream. The shooting of “DREAM” has already begun since 7th May , 2020 and expected to hit the screen in 2021 .


    There story revolves around a guy named Yoon Hong-Dae (Park Seo-Joon) who’s a soccer player . In his soccer career he got surrounded by an unexpected case due to which he receives warning or disciplinary measure . Later in the story he joins the special national team, not as a player but as a coach of homeless people who don’t know how to play soccer . Will he be successful in his second chance to do something for his nation ? Will he make his team be able to take winning title to home?


    Park Seo-Joon - Yoon Hong-Dae
    IU - Lee So-Min
    Lee Hyun-Woo - Kim In-Sun
    Kim Jong-Soo - Kim Hwan-Dong
    Yang Hyun-Min - Jeon Moon-Soo
    Jung Seung-Gil - Son Beom-Soo
    Lee Ha-Nee - Byeong-Sam
    Ko Chang-Seok - Jeon Hyo-Bong
    Hong Ahn-Pyo - Young-Jin

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